Please come to my talk on the Eutony of Gerda Alexander and how I learned to understand and speak Floor.
Marianna 🌻
Gerda, The Floor, and Me
An experiential talk on Gerda Alexander's Eutony
Presented by Marianna Kotyk M.A.
Wednesday, April 10th, 2024         7:30 PM
My Musical Upbringing studio
The Beach Mall
Suite 204
1971 Queen St East  Toronto
Doors open at 7:00 Talk begins at 7:30 PM
 “Eutony is a body-based approached aimed at knowing oneself better and allowing a more effective use of the body in all activities of daily life, personal and professional.”
Please reserve your place and for a friend; room limit is 20
RSVP Tel: 647-716-3380 or email:

Pour obtenir des informations sur les cours et ateliers offerts, ainsi que des possibilités de séances individuelles, veuillez communiquer directement avec un des eutonistes membre de l'AQEGA.

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